Monday, April 20, 2015

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are perfect & healthy morning breakfast. This is a easy recipe which will be ready in 2mins & for a busy day this dish comes in handy. Scrambled eggs are our favorite & we love having them for any course of meal. 
Eggs are the hero of any american style breakfast. When ever we vacation we never miss to try out breakfast dishes that are locally available & love to enjoy the many variation of egg dishes for breakfast.  Recently we even started brunching on weekends & believe me they are truly satisfying. My husband enjoys the simple scrambled egg as one of the orders. They are fluffy, soft & yum to taste. It's a texture hard to get in Indian style omelette. Later I realized that the secret was adding milk & butter to the egg mixture. Here I tried this microwaved scrambled eggs with those changes & could feel the similar texture I was aiming for.
Prep Time-1min
Cook Time-2mins
2Tbs milk
2Tsp butter @ room temperature
1Tsp freshly ground black pepper
Salt to taste
Ketchup for garnish
- In a microwavable mug break open eggs. Add in salt, pepper & milk.
- Whisk it to smooth mixture.
- Microwave it on high for 1min. Eggs should have puffed half way. So go ahead & microwave for 1more minute on high. By now it must have raised up perfectly.
- Cool it for few minutes. Using a fork you can scramble the egg & enjoy it with a dash of ketchup.
- You can make this dish on stove top too.
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  1. I never tried scrambled egg in MW..nice recipe..and hassle free too..

  2. I've never microwaved eggs and this sounds like a very quick and easy way to cook eggs. They look so fluffy and delicious.

  3. I tried egg omelette long back in MW, definitely this scrambled eggs is one of the quickest dish to enjoy thoroughly.

  4. I am sure the egg lovers would appreciate the quick version and love that mug.

  5. Good one. yet another dish for egg lovers.

  6. greta idea i have dhokla in a mug but scarmbled eggs, need to try

  7. Seems you have s treasure of egg recipes.

  8. Nice recipe. Never tried scrambled egg in the microwave.