Friday, April 10, 2015


Brownies are my another favorite dessert at night. I made them almost every week for a whole month & finally I can say that I'm totally satisfied with these goodies. These are a little fudgey& have more cake like texture to them. Adding additional choco chips does make them more & more delectable. I tried a version with applesauce as a replacement of oil or butter you use in the recipe. It is a very healthy version of this brownies & I will be sharing them very soon here. I enjoyed these brownies with a generous scoop of ice cream on top while they are warm & not too hot. All I can say is they were yum.
Cook Time-20mins {Varies from oven to oven}
1Cup granulated sugar
1/2Cup butter
1/4Cup milk
3Eggs @ room temperature
1Tsp vanilla extract
3/4Cup all-purpose flour
1/4Cup cocoa powder
1/2Cup chocolate morsels
1/2Tsp baking powder {optional}
1/2Tsp salt
1Scoop of ice cream {optional}
- Pre-heat oven @350 degrees. Grease a wide baking pan with butter & dust it with little flour too.
- In a large bowl sift flour, baking powder & cocoa powder. Mix them & keep aside.
- In another bowl take sugar, butter & milk. Add in vanilla extract, eggs to the sugar mixture & mix them well.
- Add wet mixture to the flour mixture & mix it using a spatula with out forming lumps.
- Now pour batter in to the baking pan & bake it @350 for 15mins to 20mins or bake it till the wooden pick comes out clean.
- Remove from oven & allow it to cool on the counter before you serve.
- Cut brownie into equal pieces & serve it with your choice of ice cream.
- Sugar : You can replace brown sugar to granulated sugar or can also make it half & half too.
- To make a almost fat free brownie replace butter with apple sauce. You can hardly make a difference & tastes good too.
- If you like a gooey brownie with a crust on top & a soft center then don't add baking powder. Adding baking powder gives it a cake like structure.
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