Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookies {Semi Homemade}

Chocolate Chip Cookies are delicious sweet bites. It is hard to categorize them as you can enjoy them any time of the day. For me they are a go to snack as when ever I'm hungry & I love to take a bite of them. The recipe I'm sharing is a semi homemade & makes it easy when you are in desperate of having a cookie. I have a sweet tooth & I crave for a sweet at night times. I love keeping something in hand for those nights when I'm desperate to have a sweet. Today is one of those nights &  I ended up making a big batch of cookies to sooth my cravings.
Prep Time-10mins
Cook Time-10 to 15mins
Serves-12 large cookies
1Pack of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies mix
{Follow the instructions on box} or
1/4Cup butter @ room temperature
3Tbs milk
- Pre-heat oven @300F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
- Unpack the mixture in to a bowl. Add butter & milk to bowl & make dough out of it.
- Scoop up a small lemon size dough balls & place them with 2inch space on baking sheet.
- Bake it for 10mins-15mins or till cookies are light brown in color.
- Remove from oven & cool them on the counter.
- I replaced water with milk & rest all the same as on the package.
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  1. Yummy cookies. These mixes from the boxes are lifesavers sometimes.

  2. Alluring cookies, seriously very hard to resist to those chocolate chips.

  3. yumm they look.... I can't ever say no to this it

  4. Cookies look so tempting. Irresistible!!

  5. I love the betty crockers mix. Life saver at times.

  6. Sounds like fun to have these handy!

  7. yum yum yummy!!! would love to keep enjoying these!!

  8. Delicious looking cookies.