Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ragi Malt | Ambali

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Ragi Malt or Ambali is a nutritious summer drink. It is preferred to have for breakfast, but you can also enjoy it in the summer afternoon's, in place of your tea or coffee. This is a very filling drink & also releases energy slowly in to your body, while keeping you active & keeping the craving under control. 
Ragi Malt is made of a millet called " Ragulu" or "Finger Millet". This millet is rich in fibre, calcium, iron & also known for it's nutritious values. There are various dishes you can make with ragi flour, few are Ragi Idli, Ragi dosa, Ragi malt {Sweet}, Ragi ladoo's, Ragi mudda & many more. 

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Prep Time-5mins | Cook Time-20mins | Serves-2people 
1Tbs ragi flour 
1Cup water 
1/4Cup yogurt
3/4Cup water {as needed} 
Pinch salt {adjust as needed}
1Tsp lemon juice {optional}
1Tbs finely chopped onions {optional}
Few curry leaves for garnish {optional}
Ragi Java
- In a vessel, take ragi flour & mix it with 1Cup water.  Whisk it well & make sure there are no lumps left out. 
- Cook it on low heat for 15mins, while stirring it in between. Once it becomes thick & dark in color as shown below, switch off heat & allow it to cool. Ragi java is ready.
- Mix yogurt, water, salt & lemon juice in a glass. 
- To that add 1/2Cup of ragi java or ragi paste to the yogurt mix & whisk it well. 
- Finally add onions & curry leaves. 
*** Serve it cold.
- Ragi paste should be cooled off completely before adding the yogurt mix. 
- You can remove all the ingredients that are optional from the list for a original ragi malt.
- Always cook on low heat for a perfect ragi malt. 
- I always add less of ragi java or ragi paste to the yogurt mix & that's how I like it. Change it according to your taste.
- You can make ragi java ahead of time & refrigerate it for later use. 
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  1. Such a healthy drink..very nicely shot!

  2. Healthy and nutritious smoothie !!

  3. Very refreshing in the hot summer months!

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  5. Super like, love savoury version of ragi malt than the sweet ones, completely wholesome.

  6. What an interesting recipe, very new to me. Looks refreshing.

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  9. Healthy drink to start the day with. My maternal grandmom use to drink this regularly but the sweet one.