Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rasmalai {Version 2}

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Rasmalai is a much known dish to all. Today I'm sharing a almost instant version of this recipe, which is much easier to make for larger group of people. 
At first I decided on getting Haldiram's rasgulla and making the same as below. The only difference is they are round in shape and rest all the same. To my surprise I found a Haldiram's rasmalai at the store I visit & picked it without a second thought. Enjoy this easy to make dish !!!
Cook Time-40mins | Serves-4to6people
1Can of haldiram's rasmalai {12count}
Milk{Full fat}
1/4Cup sugar
1Tsp cardamon powder
Few saffron strands
Few almonds chopped
Few pistachios chopped 
- Bring milk to boil & then add sugar & saffron. 
- Reduce milk on low heat till it gets thick. 
- Mean while remove patties from sugar syrup & press a little to squeeze the sugar juice out. 
- Add cardamon powder & patties to milk. 
- Cook on low heat for 5mins & switch off heat. Add almonds & pistachios to rasmalai.
- Refrigerate it for few hours or till the rasmalai is chilled. 
- Serve chilled.
- You can replace Haldiram's rasmalai with Haldiram's rasgulla.
- Haldiram's rasmalai patties are dipped in a sugar syrup & they are too sweet.
- I avoided milkmaid to control the sugar level in the sweet.
- Flavor up the milk with your favorite ones for a much more deliciousness. 
- Add a 2Tsp of corn powder to reduce time in thickening milk. {I won't try this because, at the end milk might taste & smell like corn powder}
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  1. nice and yumm.. Wish I could take it out..

  2. delicious rasamalai BTW in ingredients I think u wanted to say Rasagulla?

    1. Hi Veena.. No it is Haldiram's Rasmalai patties I bought & I was surprised that they do sell these one's. I only knew rasgulla till now :)

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