Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rasam | Charu | Saaru | How to Make Rasam

Rasam is a well known South Indian dish & without it the meal is never complete. This is a comforting simple dish which is healthy, appetizing & helps with good digestion.
Rasam has many variations, based on the region & state. I'm sharing my mom's rasam recipe, which is little sweeter & tangier. Curry leaves & Coriander leaves or any one these leaves will add a lovely flavor to the dish. 
Rasam powder is the main ingredient in this dish. This powder is packed with flavors from different herbs & which are released in to rasam when it is added. Adding rasam powder at initial stage will make this much flavorful. 
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Prep Time-5mins | Cook Time-30mins | Serves-3people
2Tomatoes finely chopped
3Cups water 
2Tsp rasam powder
2Tsp tamarind pulp / Small ball of tamarind {adjust as needed}
1/4Tsp turmeric
2Tsp jaggery powder / 1Tsp sugar {adjust as needed}
Few curry leaves 
Salt to taste
1Tsp mustard 
1Tsp jeera
Few methi seeds
1Tbs butter/oil
1/2Tsp hing {Asafetida} 
2Garlic cloves chopped
- Take a vessel with water & to that add tamarind pulp & dissolve it completely. 
- If using the tamarind as itself, wash with little water & them soak it in 1cup of water for 30mins or till it gets soft. Squeeze water out of tamarind & use it part of 3cups water. Adjust the flavor as needed.  
- To that add turmeric, curry leaves & chopped tomatoes. 
- Add salt, rasam powder & bring to boil. Cook till tomatoes are soft & perfect. 
- Now add sugar & adjust salt if needed. {Don't switch off heat}
- Heat pan with butter. 
- Add mustard, jeera & methi seeds to pan. 
- Once the mustard starts jumping add hing & garlic. 
- Switch off heat mix it to boiling rasam. 
- Switch off heat to rasam.
- Serve with rice & dollop of ghee. 
- You can add both curry & cilantro leaves to the boiling rasam. 
- Don't over boil the rasam. 
- Once the tomatoes are done, it means rasam is ready.
- You can add tomato puree instead of sliced tomatoes.

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