Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dosa Avakaya

For this week theme on BM we are "Pickling". I decided on making 3 Andhra style pickles for this week.Enjoy the dishes & don't miss the update. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 41.

Dosa Avakaya is a delicious Andhra pickle made of yellow cucumbers & spice mixture. It is a year round pickle & can be made in small batches for much fresher pickle & also for temporary use.
Mustard Powder is what makes it a avakaya. The flavor is strong & powerful because of mustard powder. At home it is one of those pickles that will be made regularly. I got this recipe from my mom. she generally leaves few seeds with the cucumber pieces & she says they give a nice bite & also infuse some tangy taste to the pickle.

Prep Time-24hrs {Prepping + Sitting}  | Serves-2people
1Cup bite size chopped cucumber pieces {Dosakaya}
1&1/2Tsp salt 
1&1/2Tsp chili powder
1Tbs mustard powder
2Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard seeds
Few red chili's 
1/4Tsp hing {Asafetida} 
- In a bowl add cucumber pieces, salt, chili & mustard powder. 
- Mix them well & keep aside. 
- Heat a pan with oil. To that add mustard seeds & red chili's.
- Once the mustard starts jumping add hing & switch off heat. 
- Allow the the oil to cool completely & then add it to the cucumber mixture. 
- Allow pickle to sit in a air tight container for one day. 
- You will see some water oozed out by the cucumbers & the pickle is ready to eat. 
- Adjust salt & chili powder if needed. 
- Serve with rice & a dollop of ghee. 
- Always store in a airtight container. 
- Don't scrape the skin of cucumber.
- Refrigerate it for increased store life. 
- You can avoid mustard & heating the oil totally.
-  Just mix hing & oil to mixture & rest remains the same. 
- For little tangier taste add 1/2Tsp tamarind to the mixture.

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  1. Stunning pictures for a finger licking pickle.

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  3. Nice avakaya pachadi.. Even my mom makes this.

  4. Very nice are great!

  5. This avakaya will definitely tickle my tastebuds, your pictures are killing me.

  6. Delicious and spicy dosakaya pachadi.

  7. this simple pickle sounds delicious - the refreshing quality of cucumbers must be great in it