Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tomato Pickle | Tomato Avakaya

For this week theme on BM we are "Pickling". I decided on making 3 Andhra style pickles for this week.Enjoy the dishes & don't miss the update. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 41.

Pickles are a comforting dish in our house. When I'm not in a mood of cooking I depend on pickles, combined with simple dal along with yogurt. I get few pickles from India & some temporary one's like this dish when in need. This particular pickle is a sun dried version & super tempting too. 
Tomato Pickle is a saver for busy days. I always make sure that I have a box of it in my refrigerator ready to go. There are many ways of making this pickle & here I'm sharing the recipe of my mom. This version has both the methi powder & mustard powder in it. The flavor is tempting with the spice mix added in it.  
Prep Time-2Days | Serves-3people
6Red tomatoes 
1Tbs + 1Tsp salt
1Tbs + 1Tsp chili powder
1Tbs + 1Tsp mustard powder
1Tbs + 1Tsp methi powder
3Tbs oil 
1Tsp mustard seeds
1Tsp chana dal
1Tsp urad dal
4Red chili's 
Few curry leaves
1/2Tsp hing {Asafetida}
- Clean tomatoes with water & pat them dry with a dry towel. Leaves on counter for 1hr. 
- Chop tomatoes to small pieces. 
- In a bowl add tomatoes, salt, chili powder, mustard powder & methi powder. Mix them well & cover up with a lid. 
- Allow it to sit for 24hrs on counter. 
- On a plate layout the tomato pieces along with the oozed juice. 
- Sun dry it for 2 days, until tomatoes are little dried. 
- Heat pan with oil. To that add chana dal, urad dal, red chili's & mustard seeds to it. 
- Once the mustard starts jumping add curry leaves & hing to pan. 
- Switch off heat & add it to pickle. Mix it well.
- Adjust salt & chili powder if needed. 
- Serve with rice & a dollop of ghee.
- Don't over dry tomatoes. 
- Chop tomatoes in to small bits. 
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  1. Tomato pickle was my all time favourite from Andhra style pickle, soo tempting.

  2. Delicious and lovely looking pickle. Wonderfully prepared.

  3. looks yumm, never made one, would love to try

  4. Yumm, yumm, tomato pickle looks AMAZING. Love the color.

  5. Actually it was to be from different states...anyway..enjoyed your pickle series, each picture was sinful to tempt us and this tomato pickle no less..very lovely picture...

  6. interesting blend of spices make this so delicious

  7. Lovely pickle! Can have this any time!

  8. Tomato pickle is one pickle I always bring back from India. Though the one my mom makes is not the dry one. The red color of the pickle is very inviting!

  9. Wow tamota pickle i just love it...
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