Sunday, April 6, 2014

Goan Egg Drop Curry

Goan Egg Drop Curry

Goa is a smallest state of India. Goa is surrounded with beautiful beaches, which make it a famous attraction world wide. I'm sharing a dish which is a typical goan style dish made of eggs & it was just awesome. I chose it because it's hard to find a meatless dish & also we (me & hubby) love egg curries. 

Goan Egg Drop Curry
Prep Time-10mins | Cook time-30mins | Serves-2People
Recipe Courtesy - Goan Food Recipes 
1Onion chopped
1Tomato chopped
2Garlic cloves chopped
1Tbs oil 
1Cup water
1/2Cup coconut milk
1Tsp chili powder
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for garnish
For masala paste 
6Red chilis 
1Tsp cumin
1Tsp coriander
1Tsp fennel 
2Tbs grated coconut
1Tsp tamarind pulp
- To start grind all the masala ingredients to smooth paste by adding little water.
- Now heat a pan with oil. To that add onion & chopped garlic. 
- Cook onion to translucent & to that add tomatoes & cook them till they are done.
- Now add the masala paste to pan. Stir fry till the masala becomes thick.
- Add water, salt & chili powder to pan. 
- Now break one egg at a time directly in to pan while keeping a distance from one another. 
- Close it with a lid & cook till the eggs are cooked perfectly. 
- Now add coconut milk to pan. stir slightly to cover up the eggs. Adjust the taste if needed. 
- Cook curry on a low heat until it becomes thick. Once it's done switch off heat & garnish with coriander leaves. 
- If you feel this curry is too spicy then omit adding 1Tsp chili powder at last. 
- The color of this curry should be red & I believe the red chili's are at fault for not getting the color.

Goan Egg Drop Curry
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