Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mysore Sambar

Source : Mom

1/2 cup Toor Dal (Kandi Pappu)
1 cup of sliced Onion
1 cup of Sliced Tomato
1 cup of roundly diced Mooli (Radish)
4 Pieces of DrumSticks
3 Tbs of Tamarind paste
Pinch of Turmeric Powder
Salt for taste
1 Tbs Sugar
For Sambar Powder
1/2 Tbs Chana Dal
1/2 Tbs Urad Dal
1 Tbs Dhaniya (Coriander seeds)
1/2 Tbs Jeera (Cumin Seeds)
count of 5 Methi Seeds (Fenugreek)
1 Tbs Miriyalu ( Black Pepper Seeds)
3 Red Chili's
4 Tbs Fresh coconut Powder
1/2 Tbs Mustard
1/2 Tbs Jeera (Cumin Seeds)
2 Red chili's
Hing (Asafoetida)
Curry Leaves
4 Tbs oil

1.Pressure cook Toor dal, Drumsticks and keep them aside.
2. Heat a pan. Add all the Sambar powder spices except Coconut to the pan and fry them till they turn brown.
3. Now grind the Fried spices and Coconut Powder together in to a paste.Keep it aside.
4. Heat a pan with 2 Tbs oil and add the Onions, Tomatoes and Mooli to it.Fry them till they are cooked well.
5. Add the cooked veggies ,Turmeric,Tamarind,Salt and Sugar to the Toordal Mixture.
6 Boil it in a low flame for few minutes and add the grinded spice mixture to it.
7. Let it boil for 10 to 15 mins or till a nice aroma comes from the sambar.
8. Now heat a pan with oil and add Mustard,Jeera, Red Chili's, and Hing. Add Curry leaves to the pan when Mustard starts spluttering.Add the seasoning to the Sambar and Mysore Sambar is ready.

* Serve with Rice. Tastes Delicious.


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  1. Wow the sambar looks so good and tempting... Everyones fav sambar rice and pappad heavenly...