Thursday, October 16, 2014

Round Up of Black & white Wednesdays #147

I'm here presenting the beautiful round up of BWW#147. Enjoy !!!

Chestnuts by Cinzia of Cindy Star Blog

Crepe with coconut filing by Sanhita of Pocketfull of Spices

COCOA from the Backyard by Aparna of Stories From The Mahe Coast

 Grainy Goodness by Suja Ilangovan of Sujas Kitchen

Pears from the farmers' market by Simona of briciole

Apples & Pears by Me


  1. What a wonderful collection, we have this week! Thanks for hosting, SreeValli :)

  2. Thanks for hosting the lovely gallery, Sreevalli.

  3. It looks like you and I were on the same wavelength this week :) Thank you so much for hosting and for the nice gallery.

  4. Thanks again for hosting this week and collect all pictures in this lovely gallery, an Autumn glance at the kitchen :-)