Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Murukulu | Crispy Murukku | Chakli | How to make Murukku?

Murukulu / Chakli is a savory festival dish. This can also be a tea time snack or a time pass bite. I made these for dusshera & it took me a long time to blog about it. These chakli's are crisp & crunchy in taste. Enjoy them for Diwali.
Prep Time-10mins
Cook Time - 30mins 
Serves - 20 -25 chakli's { Depends on the size}
1Cup besan
1/2Cup rice flour
2Tsp red chili powder
3Tbs hot oil
1Tsp ajwain seeds
1Tsp salt {adjust as needed}
1/4Tsp hing
1/2 Cup water
Oil for deep frying
- In a bowl add in all the above ingredients & mix them well. Adjust salt if needed.
- Form a thick dough ball & divide dough into 3 equal parts.
- Wet your hands little water & place one ball of dough into muruku maker. Wetting your hands gives dough extra wetness to roll muruku smooth.
- Place the shape plate & close it.
- Lay paper on a flat surface & make muruku as shown above. You can make from jumbo size to mini size muruku.
- Heat oil for deep frying. Drop a little dough in to oil. If it floats backs immediately then oil is hot & ready for frying.
- Lift the layered muruku's on by one as needed carefully as shown above.
- Place muruku one by one as many the pan fits. Fry them on low heat to light brown color. Remove them on to a paper towel.
- Repeat the process till the dough is done.
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