Friday, January 31, 2014

Flavor up with Spices #1 - A Monthly Event

Flavor up with Spices

Spices are the ingredients used to flavor our food. They are mostly the dried parts of root, seed, vegetable or a fruit which have a strong flavor & used in very small quantities for cooking. Some spices are also known for their good healing properties & used widely all around the world. 

Flavor up with Spices
Black Pepper's are the star of this month. They are widely used in Indian cooking & believed to help health problems like cold, digestion & are also widely used in Ayurvedic medicine.Black Pepper's are hot & empowering when they are added in a dish. So for the first month make a dish using Black Pepper's and share it here. 

Rules to follow:
  1. Vegetarian & egg dishes are welcome. No non-vegetarian pls.
  2. Post it in your blog and link back the recipe to my event.
  3. Can send in multiple entries. Archives are ok too.
  4. Event starts from 1st of February 2014 & ends on 1st of March 2014.
  5. For any queries you can just leave a comment on my facebook page Ammaji Kitchen or mail me to
  6. I will be posting the round up on my Facebook page. If you want to be tagged in the round then do mail your Facebook page url or just leave a comment below & I will add you.


  1. Flavourful and lovely looking spices. Excellent pictures.

  2. Great Event... Happy to participate and follow your blog.


  3. Nice photography .... pleasure participating in ur event

  4. will send my entry tomorrow, do tag me in fb roundup , mine is linsy patel

  5. Just send an entry. A nice event looking forward.