Tuesday, September 27, 2011


At last my roaming marathon is over and now I will sit back and relax for next 1 month at least. My cousin visited us from India and we were very busy covering all the places near us.It's fun to roam around but kind of stressful too. 
So coming to my post this is my first post for "Blog Hop Wednesday ". I was paired with Kaveri of Palakkad Chamayal. As I opened the blog I saw " Aviyal " recipe which is a long due. Check out the original post from here.

1 cup Yogurt
1/2 cup grated carrot 
1 Drumstick cut in equal size
4 Bhindi's cut in equal size
6 Beans cut in equal size
1/2 Cup Pumpkin Pieces
1 cup grated coconut
11/2 Tbs Jeera
3 Green chilli's

1 Tbs coconut oil / butter
1/2 Tsp mustard 
1/2 Tsp Urad dal
1/2 Tsp Channa dal
1 Red Chilli
Curry leaves 

Boil all veggies with little salt. Just take care that they don't be sticky.Allow them to cool for some time. Meanwhile grind coconut, Jeera & chilli's to smooth paste. 
Mix veggies with yogurt & coconut mixture. Add salt. (Please check as we added a little to the boiled veggies)
In a pan heat oil/butter then add the dals once they are done or turned light brown. Then add mustard & Red chilli's to oil . Once mustard starts jumping add curry leaves & hing.Switch off heat and add season to aviyal.

Serve with rice, roti & poori too.


Note : 
1. You can ignore jeera while grinding. (My MIL adds jeera & I like the taste)
2. Add as many veggies you want. I added what ever is available in my fridge.

There are no comments for aviyal it's always a star. We love it :)


  1. Luks Yummy.This is a perfectly Creamy n' delicious Yoghurt-Coconut sauce Veg Curry.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    I like this version of avial with bhindi and the seasoning. Usually bhindi is not a vegetable put in avial and no seasoning too. But hey, reinventing recipes is what we are here for right :)

  3. My favorite!!Looks very delicious!!!

  4. We usually don't add ladies finger to avial. No seasoning too! At home we go for tamarind than sour curd. Jeera is added while grinding, can't think of avial without jeera :).

    Ahh...wish I could call my mom and ask her to make this for me now!

  5. Thank u for u r comments...actually the seasoning gives a deep flavor to the dish :)

  6. First time here..u got a very nice space..btw the avial with orkra looks yummy....
    Do drop by to my blog at http://bsaraswathy.blogspot.com/

  7. Liked your version of aviyal..we never add any tempering to aviyal.

  8. I love this. I feel it is soothing verymuch.


  9. Well executed, aviyal looks super delicious and absolutely creamy..

  10. never tried making Avial...so ..cant say ..but seems to b nutritious...n flavorful.

  11. One of my favourite side dish, looks very delicious.

  12. wow that is one absolutely delicious bowl of avial - would love to have some today :)

  13. avial is my fav, i like adding curd to the avial..looks super delicious dear..

  14. one of my fav side dish with rice.. i can keep licking my finger even though its finished.. yuummyyy yummm