Monday, September 26, 2011

Ragi Rava Ladoo

Ragi or Finger millet grains are known for their nutritional benefits like good dietary fiber, cooling agent for your body, reduces cholesterol levels & many more.
Even with all those health benefits I never liked them becoz they never tasted good Or say no taste at all.I still remember my mom  running behind me to finish the one big glass of ragi malt mixed with yogurt.
Anyways now I want to experiment new ways of cooking these healthy grains & that's how the ladoo was made. 


1/2 Cup ragi 
1/4 Cup coconut pieces
3/4 Cup grated jaggery 
1/2 cup sliced almonds & raisins 
1 Tbs elachi powder 
1 Tsp butter

*** Ragi grains are hard to grind as they are. So you need to sun dry them or just dry fry for few seconds in a hot pan and grind them.
Heat a pan and add ragi grains to it. Dry fry them for few secs. Coarse grind Ragi grains to get a rava texture. Now heat a pan with 1 tsp of butter. and fry ragi rava for 5mins or till the nice aroma comes out of it. Switch off pan and allow it to cool. 
*** I used fresh coconut as it has the wetly texture which blends all the ingredients together. 

Grind coconut and keep aside.

Now mix all the ingredients in a  bowl together. ( No need to add milk or butter to make balls)
As the coconut is fresh you will be able to roll nice ladoos as shown. 

Out Come: They are very tasty with all those almonds, raisins, elachi & jaggery. I love to call it a healthy bite.


  1. Healthy recipe,luks delicious...

  2. healthy and yummy laddoos. pls do link them to my event: CWF Ragi

  3. I make ladoos from ragi flour.this sounds very nice..

  4. thats sounds really inteersting and yummy

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments...

  6. Those looks totally delicious!! when I read the title of the recipe I was confused - thought that you had used Rava :) I will certainly try to make these since I LOVE ragi!!!!

  7. that really is awesomiest healthiest way to have!! love them!!!

  8. Very healthy and delicious option :) You have a great blog here! Chakra pongal, badam kheer and all sweets look yummilicious that I wanna have them all now! :)


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