Monday, August 20, 2012

Banana Nutella Milkshake

A healthy milkshake is what makes you feel complete while you are on a diet regime.For me milk was never a cup of tea.I never liked the taste & smell of milk.I know it cannot be changed so I started replacing it with milkshakes & cold flavored drinks to vanish the actual flavor of it.I make milkshake's that are filled with nutritious stuff like fruits, honey,nuts, dryfruits & some times a little chocolate for my taste buds with a low fat milk or skim milk to blend.
The recipe I'm sharing today is also a similar kind of a drink with nutella & banana.This a magical drink that makes adults & kids to fall for. 

When I shared this drink with my hubby the first word he said that it was tasting like a chikoo (Sapota in telugu ) juice which you get in Indian fruit juice stalls. I sprinkled a little of grounded pistachios to give it the street side flavor. 
Hope you all will enjoy it as we did :)

1 Ripe banana peeled
2 Tbs of Nutella
11/2 Cup milk ( 2% fat milk)
1 Tbs grounded rosted pistachio

In a blender add the above ingredients & grind them well. Pour it in a glass & sprinkle pistachio before you serve.   

1. Replace with whole milk to get a richer & creamy effect. 
2. You can add vanilla flavor ice cream for a creamy texture. 
3. I avoided sugar as Nutella gives a slight sweetness to the drink but you can add honey or sugar as you wish.   

The above one was a kids version with the same ingredients above. 

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