Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cabbage Curry

Cabbage curry with less spices is always comforting & soothing to your stomach. Cabbage is one of those veggies you don't have to add too many spices to make it flavorful. With little effort you can make yummy dishes out of this veggie. As a kid I hated this veggie a lot & all that hatred changed when I started experimenting on cabbage. This is a simple, yet basic recipe I'm sharing here & can be made in very less time too. 
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Prep Time-5mins 
Cook Time-20mins or less
4Cups chopped cabbage
4Tsp oil
1Tsp mustard
1Tsp jeera/cumin
1Tsp chana dal
1Tsp urad dal
2Red chili's broken in to half
Few curry leaves
To Grind
4Tbs grated coconut (fresh or dry)
2Green chili's {adjust as needed} 
1Tsp grated ginger
- Heat pan with oil & to that add in mustard, jeera, chana dal, urad dal, red chili's & curry leaves.
Method 1:
- Once the mustard starts jumping add in chopped cabbage & close pan with lid. 
- Cook on low heat for 10mins & once you see the cabbage is oozing out little wetness, remove lid & continue to cook on low heat for another 5mins. 
- Mean while coarse grind ginger, green chili's & coconut. 
- Add salt to the curry & also the grind coconut mixture to pan. Mix them well & cook for 2minutes. Then switch off heat. 
Method 2:
- If cabbage is not tender, then you can pressure cook cabbage ahead. 
- Add it to the tempering & cook for few minutes. 
- Then add in the grind coconut mixture & salt  to the curry. Cook for 2more minutes & switch off heat. 
- Curry is ready to be served.
- I prefer pan cooking cabbage than pressure cooking it. I feel cabbage becomes watery & tastes different when you pressure cook it. 
- Adjust green chili's as needed. I used thai chili & 2 were more than enough to this curry. 
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