Monday, August 11, 2014

Ghee | How To Make Ghee?

Ghee, which can also be called as clarified butter has originated from India & ghee is also used widely in Indian cooking & pooja. Cow's ghee is believed sacred & it is used in pooja, in making prasadam/neivedyam, cooking & also for medicinal use's. The other ghee is made of buffalo milk & it is used for cooking. Ghee might sound & seem like calories, but it also promotes health benefits. Consuming a little amount of ghee per day will help in food digestion & promotes multiple health benefits.
I started making ghee at home for past few months & I'm happy of using a healthy home made ghee rather than a store bought one. A store bought ghee is never a pure ghee & it has added vegetable oil's in it. After I read about that, I decided to make some ghee at home & was happy that it was successful. This is not a traditional Indian style ghee. In USA even though if you are using a full fat milk, it is hard to get butter out of it. So for ghee enthusiasts in USA, this is how you can make ghee at home & enjoy all the goodness of it. 
1Litre heavy whipping cream 
1Tsp methi seeds {fenugreek seeds}
Tools Needed
Big bowl 
Electric whisk / Whisk 
2 Strainers
A wide non-stick pan 
- Take whipping cream in a big bowl. 
- Whip the heavy cream using a electric whisk. 
- As seen in 3rd pic whip cream to stiff peaks. It might take a little time.
- Keep whipping until use see the cuddled cream separating. 
- Strain the buttermilk as shown above. 
{If you are using cheese cloth then you can squeeze the extra water from the butter right away.}
- Make balls of butter by squeezing extra water.
{You can store butter as it is or can go ahead make ghee}
- Heat a non-stick pan on low heat. Add butter & methi seeds to it.
- Allow butter to melt completely & keep cooking for few more minutes to little dark golden in color. You can see milk solids separating from butter.
- Ghee should be golden in color & you can feel the nice aroma of perfectly done ghee. Switch off heat when the ghee looks golden.
- Allow it to cool completely before you strain.
- Strain ghee in to a clean jar. 
*** The fried milk solids are called "Goku" in telugu. They taste very good & delicious. You can have as it is or mix with any of your favorite rice dish. 
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