Friday, August 9, 2013

Vegetarian Nadan Chicken Curry

We are in to the second week of Blogging Marathon & this week we are blogging on "Meatless Dishes". I went crazy with looking for recipes that might look something similar to the original recipe & here I decided to make "Nadan Chicken Curry" where in replacing chicken with potatoes. 

Recipe Courtesy:Swasthi of Indian Healthy Recipes
For gravy
½ Cup chopped onions
½ Cup chopped tomatoes
1 Tsp ginger garlic paste
½ Cup coconut milk
2 Tbs sesame oil
For marinating potatoes
1 Tbs yogurt
1 Tsp red chili powder
½ Tsp garam masala powder 
Pinch of turmeric
2 Large potatoes diced
For masala paste
1 Inch cinnamon
4 cloves
2 cardmon pods
1 Tsp black pepper powder
1 Tsp fennel seeds
1 & ½ Tbs coriander seeds
4 Red chili’s (adjust acc. to your taste)
For seasoning
1 Tbs mustard
½ Cup thinly sliced onions
Few curry leaves 


Mix all the ingredients for marinating  & set aside for 30mins
Grounded masala
Dry roast all the ingredients under masala paste. Grind them with little water to make a smooth paste.

Heat a pan with oil. To that add onions & fry them to medium brown. To that add ginger garlic paste & tomatoes & sauté them.
To that add marinated potatoes & masala paste. Add the desired salt. I added a ½ cup water to adjust the moisture in curry. Cook with a lid for 10mins.
Now add the coconut cream & mix it well. Cook on low heat for 5mins & switch off heat.
Heat a pan with oil & to that add mustards, onions & curry leaves. Fry them for 2 mins. Add it to the curry. 

Serve it with Roti's, chapati's & paratha's. 


  1. Very interesting I like the idea of marinating and then making the curry.very good recipe.

  2. That's quite an interesting twist..

  3. Looks nice. Must have tasted great too!!

  4. The name 'Vegetarian Chicken Curry' threw me off the loop! This dish is absolutely gorgeous. Potato is a nice substitute :)

  5. Potatoes instead of chicken thats mindblowing, the colour of the dish is just makes me drool..mouthwatering here..

  6. Marinating the Potato is very interesting idea...Stunning pictures and a neat adaptation.

  7. How interesting to find out about nandan chicken. I love the snow flakes on the blog :)

  8. Great idea replacing potatoes for chicken. Pictures look droolworthy!

  9. Love the substitution of meat with potatoes. Yummy looking curry.

  10. Aromatic masala and beautiful clicks! I so agree that so many meat dishes can be made with vegetables :)

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