Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Semiya Payasam | Vermicelli Kheer

A simple & easy recipe for any occasion. I have these sweet cravings at night late after 10:30PM :) I know it's weird.. But this easy peasy recipe comes to my rescue at that time. You can make it as a stove top or a microwavable version. I'm not comfortable cooking in microwave due to the radiation problems every one talk about..So today I'm sharing a stove top one here. 

1Cup Vermicelli
1/2Cup sago
2Cups Milk
1/2 Cup sugar ( Adjust accordingly)
1Tsp elachi powder
1Tbs butter
Few almonds & dry fruits

Heat a pan with butter. To that add almonds & dry fruits. Fry them for 1 min & remove them on to a plate. To the same add vermicelli & roast it lightly.Switch off heat & keep aside.

In a pan take sago with 1/2 cup milk & cook them on a low heat till they are puffy and done.
Take the butter roasted vermicelli & mix it with cooked sago. To that add the rest of milk & bring it to boil. Now add sugar & stir it. Payasam is ready so switch off heat. To that add elachi powder & dry fruits.

Serve it warm & enjoy the taste .


  1. what pretty pictures....mind boggling, loved it

  2. That is so quick and so easy!!! even I get these late night cravings for something sweet!!!
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  3. My all time favorite and easy to make payasam,the bowl looks so cute,I too have the same bowl(from $ store),plate and the place mat.(from ikea right?)

  4. Wat an elegant and neat presentation,wish i get a bowl of that droolwortht payasam.

  5. I almost felt like reaching to the screen for this yummy looking kheer..

  6. This is always a favorite :). Great clicks!

  7. Lovely clicks and delicious looking Payasam.