Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake

When the theme for Blogging Marathon was eggless cakes my first to do recipe was a mug cake.It is a simple 2 min microwave recipe which can be made in little quantities & easy to finish off.
Coming to recipe this cake has a gooey deliciousness of chocolate in every bite.On the first trial it tasted like salt & baking soda.Then later I came up with some changes to recipe & it tasted yummylicious.

3 Tbs All purpose flour 
2 Tbs semi sweet coco powder 
1/4 Tsp corn starch powder
1/4 Tsp baking powder
1 Tsp Vanilla essence 
2 & 1/2 Tbs fine sugar ( Add another 1/2 tbs sugar if you want it to be on a little sweeter side)
2 Tbs butter ( used olive butter)
3 Tbs milk
Few chocolate chunks (Optional)
Coffee mug buttered 

Sift all purpose flour in a bowl & to that add the coco, baking & corn starch powder.Mix tem with a spatula & keep aside. In a different bowl take sugar, vanilla essence, milk & butter. Beat them till the sugar is disolved completely. 
Now mix the dry & wet ingredients to a smooth batter. 

Take a coffee mug with butter applied & add the batter to it.Don't add the choco chunks to the batter.First microwave it for 1min on power-10 or on the highest power settings of your microwave settings.At this stage the cake would have raised perfectly.Now add the choco chunks on top & microwave it for another 1 minute.Your chocolate mug cake is ready to serve. 
Serve it warm & it tastes delicious. 

1. If you want more chocolaty flavor then add the choco chunks directly to batter & microwave it as said above.The chocolate melts in between & creates a perfect gooey texture to cake.


  1. Prefect cake for sudden cravings, wish to get that whole damn attractive mug cake rite now.

  2. yummy and tempting mug cake

  3. looks yummy.....
    love the eggless version :)

  4. Fantastic treat.. especially when short of time..:))
    Loved it..

  5. Even though each blogger has her own version of s mug cake, it is interesting to read up all the different ones. Lovely pics and love your idea of adding the chock chips towards the end. Neat!

  6. wow love it so much and this is my cheat dessert :)

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  9. Wow.. I come across so many recipes of mug cakes and I just skip it through... I should try this one soon...

  10. One of my favorite ones, a dessert under 5 minutes. :)

  11. Mug cake looks awesome and very inviting. Very nicely done!

  12. Looks so tempting and delicious!!! very nice pictures!!!
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  13. Hey this looks very tempting and is making me hungry!
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  14. Microwave cakes are so convenient, quick and delicious. Chocolate cake looks awesome.

  15. Aww with some vanilla icecream I will clean it up.

    Looks so tempting.

  16. Super easy cake. This is lil Angels FAvorite