Friday, September 13, 2013

Nimmakaya Pulihora | Lemon Rice

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Lemon Rice is a most comforting & easy dish. I love to have this rice at any time of the day. Making this dish is easy & tastes very delicious too. I love this dish very much when my mom makes it. She is a good cook & I love observing her while she cooks. The simplest changes she makes to the dish do bring a lot of difference in the flavors. My mom makes this lemon rice for dinner on weekdays. She generally uses a little more of seasoning than I used here. It tastes heaven. So sharing my comfort food recipe with you all here.
@ Ammaji Kitchen
Prep Time:10mins 
Cook Time:1hr {Includes cooking rice & cooling it off}
2Cups uncooked rice /4Cups cooked rice 
4Cups water
Few curry leaves 
2Tbs oil
Juice of 2 lemons
For Seasoning
2Tbs mustard seeds
2Tbs chana dal 
2Tbs urad dal 
1/4Cup peanuts
6Red chili's cut into half
3Green chili's slit into half
1Tbs grated ginger
2Tsp turmeric
2Tsp hing
1/4 Cup oil 
Cilantro for garnish
- To cook rice add in rice, oil, curry leaves & water to the cooking bowl. Cook rice accordingly & cool it before making lemon rice.
- Heat pan with oil. To that add channa dal, urad dal & peanuts. 
- Allow them to fry till channa dal changes a little color. 
- Add mustard seeds, ginger, green & red chili’s to pan. Once the mustard starts jumping add hing & turmeric to pan & switch off heat. 
- Take a wide pan or plate. Add cooked rice & seasoning to it. 
- Next add lemon juice & salt little by little according to your taste. 
- Sprinkle coriander & mix it well. Taste the rice & adjust taste if needed. 
- Allow rice to sit for 30mins before you serve.  
- Serve it with your favorite chutney & enjoy.
@ Ammaji Kitchen
- Cook rice according to your convenience. Electric cooker is my to go everyday & cooked rice according to it's instructions
- Using basmati rice will give a nice texture to the dish. I don't feel using basmati for south indian dish. Don't feel authentic.
- Allow the seasoning to cool before you touch it or there is a chance you might burn your hand. 
- Every lemon is different  & some have too much of juice. So add little by little as said above to avoid too much tanginess to the recipe.
@ Ammaji Kitchen
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