Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pesarapappu Atlu | Mung Bean Kimchi Pancakes | Moong Dal Pancakes

South Korea, my first international destination to this beautiful country left lots of good memories in my life. Being a vegetarian I never had a chance of experimenting Korean food. But some where in my deep mind I wanted to taste it badly.
Lately I have been exploring on World Wide Web for korean vegan recipes & came across many delightful blogs who are purely vegan & now it’s my chance to experience them.
I chose to make a simple pancake made of mung beans & kimchi. A little intro about Kimchi is that it's a traditional korean side dish made of napa cabbage as main ingredient. 

Kimchi has a fish sauce as one of the ingredients, but I replaced it with a vegan kimchi, which I bought from whole foods store. I served it with a Indian green chutney & it tasted yum. 

I got this delicious recipes from Beyond Kimchi blog & made little changes to it. 
Yields : 10 pancakes 
1/2 Cup moong dal 
2 Tbs. rice 
2 Tbs. scallions / spring onions 
1/2 Cup chopped kimchee (Store bought)
1 Tsp. soy sauce 
1&1/2 Tsp. red chili powder 
Salt for taste
2 Tbs. sesame oil

- Soak moong dal & rice for minimum 8hrs to 24hrs in refrigerator. Grind them coarsely & keep aside. 
- Now to the ground batter add scallions, kimchee, soy sauce, salt & chili powder. Mix them well.

- Heat pan with oil & add the batter as shown. You can make 3pancakes at a time depending on the pan width.

- Close it with a lid allowing it to cook completely. Now reverse the pancakes & cook them crisp on both sides.

- Once they are done crisp & cooked both sides remove them & repeat the same with other batch. 

- Serve them warm with a sauce or chutney. I served it with cilantro chutney

- The recipe I followed asked to refrigerate the soaked dal & rice.
- You can replace kimchee with other veggies like onion, ginger, corn & etc. 


  1. Delicious and mothwatering combination of mung, bean and kimchi. Looks simply wonderful.

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  10. Even across the world, the cuisine seems similar right ? The seasonings are different, taste will be different, but at the end of it its a batter spread as a pan cake and served with locally available side dishes...Thanks for explaining about kimchee :-)

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