Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rasgulla (Low Fat Version)

There is a first time for everything isn't it. So here is one of those recipes I tried in my kitchen for this Diwali and came out yummy.

1 litre Milk (Used 2% fat milk)
11/2 cups Sugar
31/2 Cups Water
1 Lemon 
2 Elachi pods 
Walnut to Garnish 

1. Heat milk in a pan.Once it starts boiling add lemon juice to it. 
2. Mix well. Let it be on heat till the milk & water separates.
3. Allow it to cool a bit and drain the milk in to a cloth. ( I used a cotton towel ).
4. Wrap the cloth and keep it under water for few seconds. ( This helps to remove the lemony taste) 
5. Now take a heavy pan and squeeze the cloth with it. Leave it for 1hr to removes the excess water. (I used my mortar to squeeze all the water).

Making of Rasgulla's
1. Take the paneer and kneed it well & make a soft ball out of it. 
2. Now make some small balls with the paneer and keep them aside. 
3. Meanwhile take water & sugar in a pressure cooker and boil it.
4. Now add the paneer balls to the cooker and close it with a lid. Cook it till you listen the first whistle and switch off heat. 
5. Open the cooker lid once the pressure is reduced and you can see the balls floating on top.
Garnish according to your taste.