Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pesaravakayi ( Moong Dal Mango Pickle)

Thank you Viji ( My Cooking Experiments ) for these awards. I'm very excited to share

Source : Grand Mother

2 Cups of Grated Mango
1/2 Cup Moong Dal
1/4 Cup of Red Chili Powder
1/4 Cup of Salt
1/2 Cup Oil

How to make ????
1. Heat a pan add Moog Dal and dry fry them till they turn light brown. (Will get a nice aroma when it is done). Grind it to rough powder or fine powder as you wish.
2. Now take a bowl add Grated Mango, Moong Dal Powder, Red Chili Powder and Salt. Mix them and add the oil. Keep it aside for 1hr before serving so the pickle sets well.

* Serve with hot Rice and Ghee.
* You can use Mango pieces on behalf of Grated Mango.