Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kalchina Vankaya Pachadi | Grilled Brinjal Chutney | Kathirikai Thogyal | Baingan Chutney

Oh my weekend is already is here and I'm very surprised seeing time fly very fast. It's was a busy week and I just couldn't spare couple of minutes for blogging..Atlast I'm here with a post which was pending for a long time..
** I want to take a moment and thank each & every one who visit my blog & keep encouraging me in blogging...
So coming to the recipe which I'm posting here is a well known chutney goes perfectly with rice,dosa & roti too. There are two different version but I'm going to follow my grand mom's way of making it.


Brinjal :  1 large Or 4 medium ones 
3 Red chilli's
2 Tbs oil
1 Tbs jeera
1 Tsp channa dal
1 Tsp urad dal
1 Tbs mustard
Pinch Hing
Coriander leaves for garnish

Grill brinjals as shown in figure. I grilled them on a gas stove.
If not you can bake them. ( I never done this but read in many blogs)Peel off skin & keep them aside.

Heat a pan with oil and add seasoning ingredients to it. Start with chana dal,urad dal once they turn light brown then add mustard, jeera & red chilli's once mustard starts jumping add hing & switch off heat.

Grind coarsely the seasoning and mix brinjal along with salt. Garnish with corriander leaves & the chutney is ready to serve.


  1. This chutney looks the clicks...

  2. I love it a lot,very flavorful one!

  3. Super flavourful chutney,i can have two more idlis or dosas with this chutney.

  4. A flavorful chutney and would be perfect with steaming iddles:)

  5. flavorful and delicious chutney...
    love to have with hot idli's :)

  6. Lovely chutney my favourite, Lovely clicks

  7. Sreevalli, thanks for stopping by and your comment, I see that you live in my neighborhood. Nice to meet you as well. Added u to blogroll so will keep in touch

  8. Very flavorfu. Made last week in my own way . will try this one soon :)

  9. Hi
    Brinjal chutney is very new to me. Looks very tempting. Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked.

  10. looks delicious, great with hot rice..