Friday, August 26, 2011

Gongura Pappu / Pulichakeerai Dal

I have been to San Diego  last week end & to my surprise I found " Gongura / pulichakeerai " in indian store. I jumped with joy as it's hard for me to find this tangy leaf in my place. when ever I buy them I freeze them or oil fry them to store them for longer periods. 

As you all know Gongura Pickle/ Chutney is very famous & same way gongura pappu/dal is famous too. I 'm from Guntur, AP & I have to say that I'm very fond of this leaf & dishes too.
Garlic and Gongura they go well with each other in any dish. But I have to mention that the chili powder recipe is a borrowed recipe from one of my friend. This chili power adds lot's of flavor to the dish.


For dal
1 cup Toor dal
1 cup finely chopped Gongura leaves 
1 cup chopped onions 

2 tsp Garlic Chili powder 
1 tsp Mustard 
1 tsp Jeera 
1 Red chili ( Break it in to pieces) 
1 tsp Oil 

Pressure cook toor dal, gongura leaves& onions. Allow it for 2 whistles & cool it. 
Mean while in pan add oil add red chili, jeera & mustard. Once mustard starts jumpings switch off the heat. 
Mix up chili powder with dal and allow it to cook for 5mins. Then add seasoning to it & dal is ready to serve. 

For Garlic Chili Powder 
1 cup Red chili powder 
2 tsp Dhania 
2 Garlic flakes
1/2 tsp methi seeds
1/4 cup of Curry leaves

Dry roast dhania, garlic, methi & curry leaves. Garlic takes a little time so remove rest of the ingredients from the pan and fry garlic. 

Grind chili powder & masala mix. 
*** You can feel the aroma once you open the mixie lid. 
Out come: What can I say It's so tasty... :)