Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tomato Pachadi | Tomato Chutney

4 Tomatoes
3 Tbs chili powder
2 Tbs methi powder
1 Tbs oil
1 Tbs of mustard seeds
1 Tbs urad dal
1 Tbs channa dal
2 Red chili's
Pinch Hing

1. Heat a pan with 2 Tbs of Oil and add chopped tomatoes to it and fry them till they are cooked softly .
2. Once they are cooked allow tomatoes to cool for little time.
3. Now add Chili Powder, Mustard Powder & Salt to it.
4. Mix the oil with the chutney and keep it aside.
5. Take pan add oil to it and add the seasoning to it and once mustard starts spluttering add hing and add the seasoning to the chutney.

* Serve with hot rice
* You can change Mustard powder, Chili powder & Salt according to the taste.