Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tomato Noo Perugu Pachadi | Tomato Sesame Curd Chutney

I'm sharing a easy breezy recipe for people with busy life style.A familier chutney for many of us still I wanted to make a post of it in my blog. 

2 Tomatoes sliced
2 Cups of curd
2 Tbs of grounded sesame powder (Nuvvula podi)
1 Tsp oil
Pinch of turmeric
1 Tbs oil 
1 Tsp channa dal 
1 Tsp urad dal 
1 Tsp mustard 
1 Tsp jeera
3 Green chilli's (Slit them in middle)
Few curry leaves
Pinch of hing

Heat a pan with oil and add tomatoes to it. Sprinkle turmeric & salt to pan.Cook tomatoes in a low heat. When tomatoes turn soft switch off heat & allow tomatoes to cool.

Now add curd & sesame powder to tomatoes.
Heat a pan with oil add channa dal, urad dal to pan fry them for few sec's. Then add mustard,jeera & Green chili.Once the mustard starts jumping add hing & curry leaves to pan. Switch off heat & add the seasoning to chutney.  


1.  You can replace sesame power with mustard powder or you can just serve simple without the powders. 
2. Replace tomatoes with any water based vegetable. 

Serve it with rice & njoy it. 


  1. this chutney is super delicious ...perfect with sambar sadham....

  2. This is a new pachadi variety to me... Looks inviting

  3. wow yummy pachadi,loved the pan...

  4. Love the addition of sesame here, super tempting pachadi.

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    This chutney was a hit at my home. I so loved it. Thank you for sharing this recipe.