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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thupka | Gya Thuk


Thupka or Gya thuk is a well-known soup of northeastern states. Sikkim, a state of India & is also part of northern states very popular for it's cuisine in northeastern states. Sharing Sikkim's simple yet comforting soup made of spice paste, noodle & veggies. This soup can be soothing for chilling winters. 

Cooking Details 
Prep Time-10mins 
Cook Time-30mins
Adapted From : SBS
1Carrot sliced thin in to equal parts 
Few branches of spring onion chopped
2Cups water or vegetable broth 
Rice noodles 50g
1Tbs oil
Salt to taste 
1Tbs lemon juice
To Grind
1Small onion chopped
2Tomatoes chopped
1/2Tsp ginger
1Tsp cumin
2Red chili's
- Grind the ingredients under grind to smooth paste.
- Heat pan with oil. Add paste to pan. 
- Fry it till the raw smell goes off. 
- Add vegetable broth to pan & cook it on low heat for 10mins.
- To the broth add carrots & cook for few minutes. Switch off heat. 
- Add salt & lemon juice to soup & adjust taste if needed. 
- Heat a deep vessel with full of water with little salt. Bring water to boil & switch off heat. Add noodles to vessel. Stir occasionally if needed. After 5mins drain  water & wash noodles with cold water.
- Transfer soup in to serving bowls & top with cooked rice noodles.
- Garnish with spring onions & serve right away.


- Check instruction back of the noodle box to cook them. 
- You can veggies of your choice to the broth. 
- Don't over cook veggies. 
- If the red chili's you are using are less spicier then add a green chili to the grind paste.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kimchi Egg Drop Soup

For this weeks blogging marathon I'm showcasing " Soups & Salads". Today I'm sharing a healthy soup made of egg whites. Check this Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#38.
Kimchi Egg Drop Soup

Kimchi egg drop soup is packed with nutrients & proteins that we need on a daily basis. The soup tasted delicious with fermented juices of kimchi & the broken egg whites. I made it with left over cucumber kimchi I made few weeks back. You can replace this with a store bought or any home made kimchi

Kimchi Egg Drop Soup
Prep Time-10mins | Cook Time-20mins | Yields-2servings
1cup kimchi
3cups water
1Tbs tomato paste or 1 tomato pureed
1/2Tsp red chili pepper (Optional) 
1Tsp sugar 
Few scallions & grated carrots for garnish
- Take a vessel with water & to that add kimchi.
- Along with that add tomato paste, chili powder, sugar & salt.
- Bring it to boil & cook for 15mins or till the veggies are done. Adjust the salt, spiciness & sugar if needed.
-Now separate the egg whites in to a bowl. whisk it with a spoon & add directly to soup. 
- The egg breaks & mingles with the soup. Cook for 5mins & switch off heat. 
- Garnish with spring onion, carrots & serve it as you like.  
- Kimchi will have sufficient spiciness to it. If needed add extra or just omit adding it.
- You can add the whole egg instead of egg whites.

Kimchi Egg Drop Soup

I served it with a egg white omelette & roti for lunch. It was filling & good.

Kimchi Egg Drop Soup

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