Monday, September 16, 2013

Nan Khatai - Indian Eggless Cookies

Nan Khatai, the Indian eggless cookie is a perfect treat for any occasion. I saw this recipe going around in many blogs & was just waiting for the perfect moment to make them. 
This is one of those recipes, which requires very few ingredients & can just get a perfect cookie. There are many variations for this recipe that I have come across & I tried the simple one as a beginner. 

Yields : 8 Nan Khatai's 
½ Cup All-purpose flour
1/4 Cup ghee/butter
¼ Cup powdered sugar (Adjust Acc.)
½ Tsp. cardmon powder
Crushed pista & almonds for garnish

- Preheat oven @ 200 degrees. Layer your baking sheet with parchment paper.
- Take all the ingredients other than garnishing ones. Mix them well to a round dough.

- As shown above make little balls as shown above. They make 8 to 9 balls.
- Pat the ball into a flat round & roll it in pistachio & almond mixture & place it on the baking sheet.
- Repeat same with rest of the balls. 

- Bake them @ 200 degrees for 20 mins.
- Remove them from oven & allow them to cool for 10mins on wire rack before you serve. 

Serve with tea, coffee & milk.

- Add another 2 Tbs.butter if needed.
- Garnish the cookies as you wish.
- Don't over bake them for more then the time needed. They become hard on the outside. ( Own experience) 
- Once you have rolled the dough check if you need to do any sugar adjustments.