Monday, July 28, 2014

Ragi Oats Ladoo

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Ragi Oats Ladoo is a healthy & nutritious sweet dish. I made this little balls of goodness as a after work out snack & enjoyed it very well. Ragi flour & oats make a delicious combo of ladoo's. This dish can be made just with ragi flour, but the taste & texture are not my favorite. For the feel & bite in ladoo I added coarsely grind oats. Enjoy this healthy dish. 

Prep Time-15mins | Cook Time-7mins | Yields-9Ladoo's
1/2Cup ragi flour
1/2Cup oats
1/2Cup + 1Tbs brown sugar / white sugar / Jaggery {adjust as needed}
2Tbs milk 
4Tbs ghee
2Tbs of nuts {any of your choice}
1Tsp cardamon powder
1/4Cup melted ghee {optional}
- Coarse grind oats. It should be more or less like wheat rava. 
- Heat pan along with ragi flour & grinded oats. 
- Fry them for 5mins on low heat, while stirring in between. Switch off heat. 
- Meanwhile heat pan with ghee & add the nuts to it. Fry them for few seconds & remove them from heat. 
- Add ghee & nuts to ladoo flour along with sugar, cardamon powder. 
- Mix them well & last add milk to the mix. 
- Mix well & now you can start forming ladoo's. Roll them smooth & round. 
- Last dip them in ghee & lay on plate. {Skipped this part}
*** Store ladoo's in a airtight container.
- Replace brown sugar with white sugar or jaggery. - - If using white sugar the quantity remains the same. 
- In case of jaggery you have increase it to 1Cup whole equal to the flour mix. 
- Dipping ladoo in ghee can me omitted, if you are watching your diet. 
- Storing ladoo's in airtight container will keep them fresh & ladoo's won't get hard. 
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