Friday, June 13, 2014

Cauliflower Pickle

For this week theme on BM we are "Pickling". I decided on making 3 Andhra style pickles for this week.Enjoy the dishes & don't miss the update. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 41.
Cauliflower Pickle has been on my to make list for long time. I tasted this pickle at my aunt's place & liked the flavor of it. So I decided on trying this pickle & we just loved it.
Cauliflower is one of those veggies I keep a little distance from. I never liked the smell of them so much & hardly will buy this veggie. This time I decided on trying this pickle which I liked & bought a small flower with much hesitation. I learned that the blend of spice mixes & garlic has dominated the smell of this flower & made the pickle much flavorful. I used much less of oil than needed & it didn't made any difference to the pickle.
Prep Time-24hrs {Prepping + Sitting} | Serves-3people
3Cups cauliflower florets
1Tbs + 1Tsp red chili powder
1Tsp methi powder
1Tsp mustard powder
1/4Tsp turmeric
1Tsp size ball of tamarind / 2Tsp lemon juice
2&1/2Tsp salt
2Tbs oil
3Garlic cloves sliced
Few curry leaves
1Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard
Few red chili's 
- Clean florets with water & lay them on a towel. Allow them to dry completely. 
- After 4hrs to 5hrs pat them one with a dry towel & keep aside.
- Heat a pan with 2Tbs oil. To that add garlic cloves & curry leaves. 
- Fry till garlic starts to brown a little. 
- To pan add tamarind & cauliflower florets. Fry them for 3mins-4mins & switch off heat.
- Allow the florets to cool completely. 
- To pan add chili, mustard, methi, turmeric & salt.
- Mix them well & allow it to sit for overnight. 
- Adjust salt & chili powder if needed. 
- Heat pan with oil & to that add mustard seeds & red chili's. 
- Once the mustard starts jumping switch off heat & mix it to the pickle.
Lemon juice - If you are using lemon juice instead of tamarind, add it along with all the spice powder & mix it well. If needed more adjust accordingly.
- Florets shouldn't become soft. 
- Florets should be cut in to small pieces.
- Feel free to add little more oil if needed.
- Day by day the pickle gets delicious. 
- You can use either lemon juice or tamarind in this dish.
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  1. This pickle is trusly very irresistible, cant resist to it..Want to make some soon.

  2. I tasted this pickle at my aunt's place. She used carrots and cauliflower. She used uncooked cauliflower. I have it on my blog. Anyways, pickle looks good. Next time I make it, will fry it in oil before pickling.

  3. tempting pickle.........................

  4. This cauliflower pickle looks fab, I have to give it a try. Great styling for the photo too. GG

  5. Yummy looking cauliflower chutney. My mom makes similar chutney, I've to make it myself some time.

  6. the pics on this post are superbly executed and oh so tempting - amazing all the varieties of pickle there are - these look truly awesome

  7. Sounds so delicious!..cauliflower sounds so good to be made as a pickle..