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Monday, November 10, 2014

Lemon Rasam | Nimma Rasam

Lemon Rasam
Rasam is a comforting & appetizing dish form Southern India. They are various versions of rasam dishes & one of those is "Lemon Rasam". The preparation is all same as the regular rasam & the only difference is we add lemon juice instead of tamarind pulp for the tanginess in dish.  
Lemon Rasam
Prep Time-5mins
Cook Time-45mins {Pressure cooking + Stove top cooking}
Pairs well with rice, curry & ghee.
1/4Cup toor dal 
2Tomatoes chopped 
1Medium drumstick chopped to 4 pieces 
1/4Tsp turmeric 
Few curry leaves 
2&3/4Cup water
1Tbs lemon juice
2Tsp rasam powder
1Tsp sugar
Salt to taste
1Tbs oil 
1Tsp mustard seeds
1Tsp jeera/cumin
Few curry leaves
1/2Tsp hing 
- Pressure cook toor dal, tomatoes, drumstick's & curry leaves with 3/4Cup water to 2 whistles. Allow it to cool before transferring to a vessel.  
- Mash the dal & add rasam powder, salt, sugar along with 2Cups water. 
- Bring them to boil & adjust salt if needed. Cook for 5mins one low heat & switch off heat.
- Heat pan with oil. To that add mustard, cumin & curry leaves. Once the mustard starts jumping add hing to pan & switch off heat. 
- Add tadka & lemon juice to rasam. Mix them well & rasam is ready to serve. 
- Serve with warm rice & a dollop of ghee.
- Don't heat rasam after adding lemon rasam.
Lemon Rasam
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