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Monday, September 1, 2014

Soya Chunk Korma | Afghan Style Qorma

Me and my blogger friends are starting on a month long around the world food journey from today on. Enjoy the delicious recipes I will be sharing here & do visit the other bloggers too.Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 44.
Korma or Qorma doesn't need an introduction to many of us. It is one the much known dish in India & is originated from south asia. The style of making korma varies based on location. The version I'm sharing here is a Afghan style korma Known as "Qorma Alou-Bokhara wa Dalnakhod" which includes lentils, yogurt & sour plums & meat in it. I replaced meat with soya chunks & made it vegetarian friendly dish. 
This Soya Chunk Korma is very different from the regular versions as it doesn't include any grinding of ingredients to create a creamy base, instead yogurt acts as the creamy base in this dish.
For a vegan version of this dish you can replace yogurt with cashew almond nut paste.
Adapted from here: Qorma
Prep Time-30mins | Cook Time-20mins | Serves-3people
1Tbs ginger garlic paste
1Big onion chopped
1Cup yogurt
1Cup soya chunks
3Tbs chana dal
2Tomatoes chopped
2Green mirchi's 
2Tsp red chilli powder {Adjust as needed}
5 Sour plums pre soaked
1Tsp garam masala powder {Optional}
1/2Tsp turmeric
1/2Cup water
3Tbs oil
Salt to taste 
Few coriander springs to garnish
- Heat pan with oil. Allow oil to warm up. 
- Add ginger garlic paste to pan & saute them for few seconds.
- Add onions to pan & cook them to translucent. 
- Now add soya chunks followed by yogurt to pan. 
- Sprinkle turmeric powder & salt to the ingredients. 
- Now cook with a closed lid for 2mins. 
- Add chana dal, tomatoes , sour plums, green chili's, chili powder,garam masala & 1/2Cup water powder to pan.
- Mix them well & cook with a closed lid for 6mins to 7mins. Adjust salt & chilli powder if needed. 
- Cook with open lid & allow the gravy to become thicker. 
- Garnish with chopped coriander & qorma is ready to serve. 
- As mentioned garam masala powder is optional. 
- Additional water is added to cook soya chunks perfectly. 
- You can cook soya chunks before & add them to the curry or cook it directly in the curry as I have done.
- You can replace sour plums with 1Tsp amchur powder. 
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bharwan Bhindi | Stuffed Okra Curry | How to Make Bharwan Bhindi

Bharwan Bhindi
Bharwan Bhindi or Stuffed Okra Curry is mildly spiced with a combination of spice powders & garnished with cilantro for added flavor.  The spice powder can be customized as per your taste buds. You can replace okra's with brinjal's, simla mirchi, karela/bitter gourd or any other veggie you like.

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Bharwan Bhindi
Prep Time-15mins | Cook Time-30mins | Serves-2people 
14 Bhindi / Okra
1Tbs + 2Tsp oil
Cilantro / Coriander leaves for garnish
Stuffing Powder
1/2Cup besan
1Tbs ginger garlic paste
1Tsp chili powder
1Tsp cumin-coriander powder
2Tsp sesame seeds
1/4Tsp turmeric
Salt to taste
1&1/2Tbs oil
- Wash & towel dry the bhindi's. Keep them aside.
- Heat pan & add besan to it. Fry for 2 to 3 Mins while stirring occasionally.
- You can feel the nice & aromatic smell while you are frying. Switch off heat & allow it to cool.
- In a bowl add besan, ginger garlic, chili powder, sesame seeds, cumin-coriander powder, salt & 2Tbs oil.
- Mix them well & you can feel the stuffing powder getting together.
- Now cut off the edges on 2sides. Slit okra as shown above & stuff them with the powder.
- Heat pan with 1Tbs oil. To that add the stuffed okra & arrange them with out sticking together. Cook on low heat.
- Close with lid & cook for 5mins. Then reverse the okra & cook with a closed lid for another 5mins.
- By now the okra are cooked & perfectly done.
- Add the left out stuffing powder to pan along with sliced coriander leaves.
- Add 2Tsp oil & on medium heat for 2 mins, while stirring once in a while. Switch off heat & curry is ready to et.
***Serve hot with rice, roti & chapati.
- You can customize the stuffing powder as you like.
- Wipe off okra's with a dry towel before slitting & stuffing.
- Use tender okra's, which are small to medium in size.
- Add a additional spoon of oil for frying if needed.
- You can add 1Tsp amchur powder to the filling to add a little tanginess to the dish. 
Bharwan Bhindi
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shorshe Dharosh

Shorshe Dharosh or Okra in Mustard sauce is a deliciously tasting dish with interesting flavors. This bengali dish is made of fried okra cooked in mustard sauce to a thick gravy. This is a simple gravy curry easy to make for your busy days.

Prep Time-30mins | Cook Time-10mins | Serves-3 to 4 people 
Adapted : A Mad Tea Party
15Okra's {cut them into half if they are too long}
1/4Cup water 
1Tsp red chili powder {optional}
Pinch of sugar
Salt to taste
For gravy
2Tbs mustard seeds
1Tbs poppy seeds
4Tbs grated coconut
1/4Tsp turmeric
2Green chili's
2Tbs yogurt
2Tbs water 
1Tsp fenugreek seeds
1Tsp nigella seeds
Few curry leaves
1Tbs oil 
- Soak mustard & poppy seeds for 20mins. 
- Grin all the ingredients under gravy to a smooth paste. You can use use a mortar & pestle or your grinder to make the paste. 
- Wash & pat dry okras. Cut them to half if they are too long.
- Heat pan with oil. Add the seasoning to pan & after few seconds of frying them add okra to pan.
- Fry them for 2mins. Add the gravy paste & red chili powder to pan along with water.
- Cook with a closed lid for 5mins on a medium heat. Okra will be cooked perfect by now.
- Add salt & sugar to pan. Balance the flavor if needed. 
- Cook for 1mins & switch off heat.
- Serve with rice or roti. 
- You can reduce mustard to 1Tbs & increase poppy seeds to 2tbs to reduce the mustard taste.
- Red chili powder is optional. If you green chili's aren't hot enough then use red chili powder. 
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aloo Tamatar ka Jhol

Aloo Tamatar ka Jhol is a traditional Uttaranchal dish. This dish is very simple & easy to make for busy days. Other than the main ingredients this dish is cooked using ghee & tempered with methi seeds. This is suppose to be a gravy dish but I made it a dry one.

Cooking Details
Prep Time-10mins 
Cook Time-20mins 
2Potatoes cubed
2Tomatoes chopped
1Small onion sliced
1Tsp ginger chopped
2Garlic chopped
1Tsp chili powder
1/4Tsp turmeric 
1/2 Tsp garam masala
1Tsp cumin
1/4Tsp fenugreek seeds
1Tbs ghee {oil}
Few coriander branches for garnish
- Heat pan with oil. Add jeera to pan & fry it till changes to light brown.
- Now add chopped garlic & ginger pieces. Fry them for few seconds & add onion's to pan. 
- Fry them till they are translucent.
- Add tomatoes to pan. Add turmeric, red chili powder & salt to pan. 
- Add cut potatoes to pan & close pan with a lid. 
- Cook till potatoes are soft & done with a closed lid.
- Add garam masala to pan & fry for 2mins. Adjust salt & chili powder if needed.
- Garnish with coriander & switch off heat. 
- Serve warm with rice & roti. 
- Instead of ghee use oil if you like. 
- To make it a gravy add 2cups water before adding potatoes to pan. 
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rajma Masala Curry | Rajma ki Sabzi

Rajma Masala Curry

Rajma Sabzi is a dish made of kidney beans cooked in to a thick gravy using tomato onion paste & spices. This is a very well know dish in Punjab as rajma chawal, which can also be served along with roti or chapati.

Rajma Masala Curry
Cooking Instructions 
Prep Time - 8hrs { soak time }+15mins
Cook time - Around 1hr { cooking rama + making curry}
Serves - 3 to 4 people
1Cup rajma / kidney beans {soaked overnight}
2Cups water
1Onion grind to paste
3Tomatoes grind to paste
1Tbs garlic ginger paste
2Green chili's to paste 
1Tbs cumin coriander powder
1Tsp garam masala powder
1/2Tsp sugar
1Tbs cream {optional}
Red chili as needed
1Tbs oil
Salt to taste
Coriander to garnish
- Wash & soak rajma in water overnight.
- Pressure cook rajma with water for 3 to 4 whistles & switch off heat. Allow it to cool. 
- Heat pan with oil & add jeera to it. Once it changes it color add grind onion paste to pan.
- Allow onion paste to change it's color to light brown by stirring it.
- To same pan add ginger garlic & green chili paste. Fry them for few seconds & add coriander cumin & garma masala powder. 
- Fry them for few seconds & to the same pan add tomato paste. 
- Add salt to gravy and mix it.  Now add sugar to balance the taste.
- Adjust taste { salt & chili powder} if needed. 
- Add boiled rajma to gravy & cook it with a lid on low heat till gravy becomes thick. 
- Once the gravy is thick add cream & switch off heat. 
- Garnish with coriander & serve warm along with rice & roti.

Rajma Masala Curry
- Instead of green chili's you can use red chili powder. Add it along with masala powders if using it. 
- Every chili varies from one another in spiciness. I needed to add red chili powder to balance the spiciness in the dish along with green chili's.
- Allow gravy to cook on low heat to allow rajma absorb all the flavors. 
- There is no time frame to bring this gravy thick. It depends on what heat level your cooking it. 

Rajma Masala Curry
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Soya Thongba - A Manipuri Dish

Soya Thongba

Soya Thongba is a delicious curry made of soya chunks & veggies that are simmered in milk. This Manipuri recipe is a replica of dish "Sana Thongba", In which I replaced paneer with soya chunks & rest remained the same. This curry is creamy, spicy & yummy in taste. 
Soya Thongba
Prep Time-10mins | Cook Time-20mins | Serves-2people
Adapted From: Open Challenge to Plastic Fast Food!
1Medium onion chopped 
1Big potato diced 
1Cup soya chunks {meal maker}
1/4Cup green peas
1Tbs ginger garlic paste
1/2Tsp turmeric
1&1/2Cup milk
2Green chili's sliced 
1Tsp cumin 
1Tbs oil
Salt to taste
Soya Thongba

- Heat pan with oil. To that add cumin & fry it till it turns light brown. 
- Add onion to pan along with ginger garlic paste. 
- Saute them till onions turn soft. 
- Add soya chunks, potatoes & green peas to pan. Saute them for few seconds. 
- To the same pan add turmeric & enough salt. Fry them for 1min on medium heat. 
- Add milk to pan & close it with a lid.
- Cook on low heat with a lid till gravy gets little thick. 
- Remove lid & add green chili's to gravy. Allow gravy to become thick. Adjust salt & spice if needed. Switch off heat. 
- Garnish with coriander leaves & serve warm with rice & roti.
- Replace soya chunks with paneer. 
- Author used water instead of 1/2 cup milk. The gravy will be richer if it is cooked in milk rather than water. 
- To avoid milk spilling cook gravy with lid till it gets thicker. 
- I haven't pre cooked soya chunks in this dish. Cooking them directly in the gravy will help soya to absorb the flavor.
- If using paneer, saute paneer till it turns slight brown.
Soya Thongba
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bean Carrot Palya

Bean Carrot Palya

Karnatka is one of the South Indian States. Bangalore, The capitol of this state is known as Silicon Valley of India. I'm sharing a basic dish for Karnataka. Beans Palya is a mildly spiced curry that gives a comforting feel to your tummy. This is a simple & easy to make dish & takes very less time in making.

Bean Carrot Palya
Prep Time-10mins | Cook Time-20mins | Serves-2people
1Cup finely chopped beans 
1Cup finely chopped carrots
Salt to taste
1Tsp oil
1Red chili cut equally
1/4Tsp turmeric
Few curry leaves
1Tbs urad dal
1Tsp mustard 
To grind 
3Tbs coconut flakes 
2Green chili (Adjust as needed)
1Tsp cumin
1/2Tsp grated ginger
- Grind coconut, green chili, cumin & ginger coarsely without adding any water. 
- Heat pan with oil. To that add mustard, red chili's  curry leaves, urad dal & turmeric.
- Once the mustard starts jumping add carrot & beans to pan. 
- Sprinkle enough salt & close it with a lid. It takes around 5mins for the veggies to cook. 
- Once the veggies are cooked add the grind paste to pan & mix it well. 
- Cook for few seconds & switch off heat. 
- Serve with curry along with rice & ghee.
Bean Carrot Palya

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chana Madra - A Himachal Pradesh Special

Chana Madra

Himachal Pradesh is part of northern states of Indian. This state is well known for it natural beauty. 
Chana Madra is a mildly spiced dish from the state of Himachal pradesh. This dish is made of chickpeas cooked in yogurt gravy along with spices & served along with rice & roti or chapati. 

Chana Madra

Prep Time-8hrs | Cook Time-45mins | Serves-2people
Recipe by : Bethica Das
1/2Cup dry chickpeas or 1Cup cooked chickpeas
1Inch cinnamon 
1Tsp coriander powder {Dhaniya powder}
1Cup yogurt
1Tsp rice flour + 2Tbs water
1Tsp red chili powder
1&1/2Tsp garam masala
1/4Tsp turmeric
1Tsp jeera {Cumin}
1/4Tsp hing {Asafetida}
1Tsp ghee
2Tsp oil
Coriander leaves chopped for garnish
{ If using dried chick peas. Wash & soak them over night. They yield to 1cup of chickpeas because they grow their size. Pressure cook with 1Cup water for 2whistles}
- Heat pan with oil. To that add hing, turmeric, cloves, cardamon, cinnamon & jeera to pan. Now add coriander powder, chili powder & garam masala powder to pan. 
- Now add chana dal to pan & to that add yogurt to that. 
- Keep stirring it for 5-6mins so that the curd won't curdle up. 
- Add water to rice flour, ghee & salt to make a paste of it. 
- Mix it to pan & cook for 4mins. Adjust taste if needed. 
- Garnish with coriander leaves & serve as you like.
- You can use 1Tbs raw rice soaked in water for over night & grind it smooth paste in place of rice flour. 
- This recipe doesn't call for chili powder or garam masala. I had to add it to give a lift to the dish. 

Chana Madra
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Goan Egg Drop Curry

Goan Egg Drop Curry

Goa is a smallest state of India. Goa is surrounded with beautiful beaches, which make it a famous attraction world wide. I'm sharing a dish which is a typical goan style dish made of eggs & it was just awesome. I chose it because it's hard to find a meatless dish & also we (me & hubby) love egg curries. 

Goan Egg Drop Curry
Prep Time-10mins | Cook time-30mins | Serves-2People
Recipe Courtesy - Goan Food Recipes 
1Onion chopped
1Tomato chopped
2Garlic cloves chopped
1Tbs oil 
1Cup water
1/2Cup coconut milk
1Tsp chili powder
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for garnish
For masala paste 
6Red chilis 
1Tsp cumin
1Tsp coriander
1Tsp fennel 
2Tbs grated coconut
1Tsp tamarind pulp
- To start grind all the masala ingredients to smooth paste by adding little water.
- Now heat a pan with oil. To that add onion & chopped garlic. 
- Cook onion to translucent & to that add tomatoes & cook them till they are done.
- Now add the masala paste to pan. Stir fry till the masala becomes thick.
- Add water, salt & chili powder to pan. 
- Now break one egg at a time directly in to pan while keeping a distance from one another. 
- Close it with a lid & cook till the eggs are cooked perfectly. 
- Now add coconut milk to pan. stir slightly to cover up the eggs. Adjust the taste if needed. 
- Cook curry on a low heat until it becomes thick. Once it's done switch off heat & garnish with coriander leaves. 
- If you feel this curry is too spicy then omit adding 1Tsp chili powder at last. 
- The color of this curry should be red & I believe the red chili's are at fault for not getting the color.

Goan Egg Drop Curry
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