Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gobi Manchuria

Here comes my first post of 2012. I have to say whole heartedly that 2011 was a blast & we (Me & Hubby) rocked every minute of it.On my personal end I have blogged for most of the year, improved in photography & top of all I lost 7kgs of weight. Got to see what's there in store for me this year :)

For crisp gobi 
1 Medium Gobi
2 Tbs all purpose flour
2 Tbs corn flour
1 Tbs rice flour
1 Tbs ginger garlic & chilli paste
Oil for deep fry
For gravy 
1 Tbs garlic minced 
1 Tbs ginger sliced 
1 Medium onion
2 Green chilli's finely chopped
3 Tbs tomato ketchup 
2 Tbs chilli sauce
1 Tbs brown sugar
1 Tbs soya sauce
2 Tsp vinegar
1 Large tomato puree
2 Tbs chilli powder (Adjust acc. taste)
3 Tbs oil
Spring onion for garnish

For crisp gobi
Heat a vessel with water.Meanwhile cut gobi into florets & add  gobi to hot water & boil them for 10mins.Stain water & allow gobi to cool. 
In a bowl mix rice, corn, all purpose flour. Add salt & ginger-garlic & green chilli paste to bowl. Mix all ingredients with little water till you get a paste consistency.
Heat oil in a pan. Dip gobi florets in flour mix and add them to oil. Deep fry them crisp & stain them on kitchen towel. 

For gravy
Heat a pan with 3tbs oil. Add garlic & fry it till the raw smell goes. Then add ginger, green chilli & onion to pan.Fry them till onion becomes transparent.Then add ketchup, vinegar,soya sauce, chilli sauce & sugar to pan. Mix them well & allow it to cook for 3mins. Add tomato puree to pan along with salt & chilli powder.Cook for 10mins with a closed lid.
Now add the fried gobi to gravy & mix it well.Garnish it with spring onion on top and serve it warm. 

1.You can add capsicum with onions for a crunchy bite. 
2. For a less fat version avoid deep frying of gobi. Grill them or microwave them till they become crisp. 
3. You can avoid frying of gobi totally & can replace it with boiled gobi.

I made ghee roti's & served with onions on side. 
***To round up it was irresistible & just tasted like a dhaba version.