Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tomato basil lasagna

I always wonder when did I start falling for pasta so much. I don't remember much but I once had it in Olive garden and it was just yummy. From then on I started mastering it at home.  This dish generally goes for dinner in our house which we njoy it pepsi or coke. 

Thinking of dinner if I ask my hubby to opt from my menu he always votes for pasta with lots of cheese.In general I don't prefer cheese in my serving so cheese just lands on my hubby's plate which he njoy's a lot :)

You can see the variation in below pics...

This pic was taken at our dinner time where I sprinkled a little more cheese and warmed it in the oven for my hubby.

4 Sheet of Lasagna
1/2 cup chopped Onion
Basil leaves 
1 tsp oil 
1 cup grated Swiss cheese ( Can replace with Mozzarella )

For Tomato Sauce 
6 Tomatoes  ( I used canned tomatoes)
1 Garlic pod
1 small bunch of Basil 
2 Tbs Olive Oil
Ground Pepper (Acc to your spice level)
2 Tbs Parmesan cheese 

For White sauce 
2 tsp All purpose flour 
2 tbs Butter 
1 cup milk 
1 Garlic Pod
Ground Pepper (Acc to your spice level)
2 Tbs Parmesan Cheese

Bring water to boil in a large vessel along with oil & salt. Drop the Lasagna and allow it to cook. Once it's cooked drain water leave it aside. 
Heat pan with oil and saute onions till they become soft. Rest will cook in the oven so leave it aside.

For tomato sauce 
Heat a pan with oil add garlic. Fry for few seconds and add tomato. Bring to boil on medium heat. Once the tomatoes are done add salt , pepper & Parmesan cheese to it and switch off the heat.
Once it's cool puree it along with basil. 

For white sauce 
Heat pan with butter and add grated garlic to it. Then add flour to the pan and fry it till the raw smell goes off.Keep stirring the flour along with salt & pepper. Mix milk little by little while mixing the flour with a spatula with out forming  lumps.
Add parmesan cheese to the sauce and cool it aside.

Take a Lasagna sheet spread the white sauce on the sheet along with little tomato sauce. Place the fried onions on the sheet and sprinkle some cheese.Roll off the lasagna as shown above. 
Place the rolled lasagna's in a pan and pour the tomato sauce on them. Bake @ 350 degrees for 20 mins.

***The cool part is that you can make a it ahead of time and freeze it. Just reheat in oven when ever you want to have.Though I prefer a fresh one it's not a bad idea. 

Out Come :  It's cheesy, yummy & delicious.This pasta is layered with different sauces & cheese. You can feel the taste of all in every bite.