Thursday, August 2, 2012

Majjiga Charu | Buttermilk Rasam

Today I'm sharing a cooling recipe which goes well with both rice & roti.It's a little bit different from majjiga pulusu though.

3 Cups of buttermilk / 2 Cups of yogurt
1 Big tomato 
1 drumstick cut in equal pieces 
1 Cup water
Pinch of turmeric
1Tsp ghee
Curry leaves 
2 Tsp oil 
1 Tsp mustard 
1 Tsp jeera 
2 Red chilli 
Pinch of Hing
To Grind 
1 Tbs coriander seeds
11/2 Tsp jeera 
1 Tsp methi seeds
1 Tsp black pepper
2 Red chili's
1 Tsp ghee
Heat a pan with ghee & roast the above ingredients till a nice aroma comes. Switch of heat & allow it to cool aside. Grind it smooth powder. 

Take a vessel with 1tsp ghee add chopped tomatoes,drumsticks, turmeric & curry leaves to it.Add a 1 cup of water & boil them till drumsticks are cooked.Then add the above grind powder to it. Bring them to boil & switch off heat. Allow it cool for few mins before adding the buttermilk.
Now add buttermilk to vessel & heat it for couple of mins & switch off. (Don't add while it is hot or don't heat it too much. It will break the buttermilk.)

Heat a pan with oil for seasoning. Add mustard, Jeera & Red chilli's. Once mustard starts spluttering add hing & mix it with rasam.
Serve it with rice & a dollop of ghee.
1.You can use you rasam powder instead of the grind powder I used. 
2. Add some onions for a yummy flavor.
3. Allow buttermilk to sit on the counter for a whole night to get a tangy taste. 

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