Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pachi Tomato Pachadi | Tomatillo Pickle

I was having guests coming home last weekend.I planned a head and experimented this dish on my sweet hubby & he was all gaga about it so the guests too. 
Coming to the recipe it can be made ahead stored for a longtime.Goes well with rice & dosa.For seasoning you can use hing or garlic as the taste varies with them.It's always good to use a roasted chili powder becoz the flavor with tempt you more to have the pickle.

6 Tomatillo's sliced 
11/2 cup Red Chilli Powder ( You change it acc. to your spice level )
1 tbs Methi seeds
3 tbs oil
1 tsp Mustard 
2 Red Chill's
2 Tbs Oil 

Methi Powder 
Heat a pan with methi seeds. Dry roast them. Once they cool down grind them to smooth powder.

For Chutney
Take oil in a pan and heat it.Add tomatillo's to the pan and cook them till they are soft and done. 
*** Don't cook with a closed lid.

Then mix chilli powder, salt & methi powder to pan and mix them well while the heat is on. Switch it off after 5 min.( We don't want to burn the chilli powder by frying it much longer time)
Allow it to cool.
*** Once the tomato mix cools down you can refrigerate it & season it whenever you want.

Heat pan with oil add mustard and chilli's. Fry them till mustard starts jumping.Mix hing to the pan & switch the stove off. 
Add the seasoning to the pickle & it's ready to serve. 

Out Come: The guests loved the pickle and got the recipe too. 


  1. Very nice pachadi. I love this one.

  2. that pachadi is a new recipe for me and looks great

  3. Truly tongue tickling recipe, very tempting.

  4. Delicious tangy pachadi..perfect with curd rice

  5. wow...spicy looking pickle...loved it!!!
    do stop by mine when time permits...

  6. This chutney looks so nice and spicy...

  7. delicious looking colourful pickle
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    regards Akheela

  8. Pickle is so tempting and the picture is super.


  9. Lovely one, first time here and love your space.

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